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Vivo Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2022

  1. Understanding Pro Kabaddi Points Tables

  • Essence of Points Tables: Introduction to the significance of points tables in Vivo Pro Kabaddi, elucidating how they reflect team standings and performance.
  1. Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2022 Analysis

  • Overview of Season 9: Recap of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022, emphasizing the importance of the points table in determining team progress.
  • Season 9 Standings: Detailed breakdown of the final standings of the 2022 season, showcasing the rankings, wins, losses, draws, points scored, and conceded by each team.
  1. Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2022 Winner

  • Champion Team: Highlighting the team that secured the top position in the Pro Kabaddi points table for the 2022 season and emerged as the season 9 winner.
  • Performance Analysis: Insights into the winning team’s journey, key strategies, standout players, and their impact on achieving the championship.
  1. Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2023 Updates

  • Introduction to Season 10: Setting the context for the ongoing Pro Kabaddi League 2023 and its relevance to the updated points table.
  • Current Standings: Providing the latest standings of teams in the ongoing 2023 season, detailing rankings, matches played, wins, losses, draws, points scored, and conceded.
  1. Vivo Kabaddi Points Table and Its Influence

  • Vivo Sponsorship Impact: Discussing the role of Vivo as a sponsor and its influence on the branding and visibility of the Pro Kabaddi League, including any unique features related to the points table.
  • Vivo Pro Kabaddi Integration: Insights into how Vivo’s association influences the presentation or accessibility of the points table to viewers and enthusiasts.
  1. Seasonal Comparison and Trend Analysis

  • Comparison: 2022 vs. 2023: Analyzing the differences and similarities between the 2022 and 2023 points tables, highlighting any shifts in team performances or league dynamics.
  • Trend Identification: Identifying evolving trends, statistical patterns, or notable changes observed in the progression of points tables across consecutive seasons.

Conclusion: Deciphering Pro Kabaddi Points Tables for Enthusiasts

  • Significance of Analysis: Summarizing the importance of understanding and engaging with Pro Kabaddi points tables for enthusiasts, emphasizing their role in league narratives and team performances.
  • Continued Engagement: Encouraging continued involvement in tracking the ongoing 2023 season’s points table dynamics, fostering anticipation and interest in upcoming matches and playoffs.

This comprehensive guide aims to unravel the complexities of Pro Kabaddi points tables for the 2022 and ongoing 2023 seasons, offering insights, winner analysis, and a comparative view to aid enthusiasts in understanding the league’s progression and team performances.


  1. What role do the Pro Kabaddi Points Tables play in understanding team standings?
    The points tables serve as a snapshot of team performance, displaying rankings, wins, losses, draws, and points scored or conceded. They’re crucial in gauging how teams fare throughout the seasons.
  2. Who was the winner of the Pro Kabaddi Points Table for the 2022 season?
    The team that secured the top position in the 2022 season’s points table was crowned the winner of that season. They excelled in accumulating points based on their performances.
  3. How does Vivo’s sponsorship impact the Pro Kabaddi League, particularly the points table?
    Vivo’s sponsorship enhances the league’s visibility and branding. This association might include special features or presentations related to the points table, contributing to the league’s appeal.
  4. What insights can we gain from comparing the 2022 and 2023 Pro Kabaddi Points Tables?
    Comparing these tables reveals trends and changes in team performances or league dynamics. It can highlight improvements or declines in team standings between consecutive seasons.
  5. Why is it essential for enthusiasts to track ongoing season points table dynamics?
    Engaging with the ongoing 2023 season’s points table helps enthusiasts understand evolving team performances, anticipate playoffs, and stay connected with the league’s narrative and excitement.

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