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ISL 2022-23 Points Table: Tracking the Football Frenzy


The Indian Super League (ISL) 2022-23 has ignited a footballing spectacle, capturing the hearts of fans with its intense matches and exceptional skill displays. Amidst the thrilling action, the ISL Points Table serves as a crucial reference point for enthusiasts to gauge their favorite teams’ performance and playoff prospects. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the ISL 2022-23 Points Table, offering step-by-step insights into the teams’ standings, goal differentials, and the evolving dynamics of the league.

1:- Kickoff and Initial Dynamics The ISL 2022-23 Points Table took shape right from the kickoff, reflecting the outcomes of matches, wins, losses, and draws. With teams aiming to secure a spot in the playoffs, the early phase of the league witnessed a dynamic points table, showcasing the strengths and vulnerabilities of each participating team. As football fans tuned in, the points table became an essential tool for tracking their team’s journey through the league.

2:- Goal Difference and Tiebreakers Goal difference played a pivotal role in the ISL Points Table, particularly when teams were tied on points. Calculated by subtracting the total goals conceded from the total goals scored, goal difference served as a tiebreaker, influencing team standings. This aspect added an extra layer of excitement to the league, as even the narrowest margins could impact a team’s position and playoff aspirations.

# Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1  Goa 7 6 1 0 11 3 8 19
2  Kerala 9 5 2 2 13 10 3 17
3  ATK Mohun Bagan 6 5 1 0 14 6 8 16
4  Odisha 8 4 2 2 14 11 3 14
5  Mumbai City 5 3 2 0 9 6 3 11
6  Northeast Utd 8 2 3 3 9 12 -3 9
7  East Bengal 7 2 2 3 11 8 3 8
8  Chennaiyin 8 2 2 4 11 16 -5 8
9  Bengaluru 8 1 4 3 10 12 -2 7
10  Jamshedpur 8 1 2 5 4 8 -4 5
11  Punjab 8 0 4 4 8 16 -8 4
12  Hyderabad 8 0 3 5 4 10 -6 3
P Matches Played
W Matches Won
D Matches Drawn
L Matches Lost
GF Goals For (Goals scored by a team)
GA Goals Against (Goals conceded by a team)
GD Goal Difference
Pts Total Points

ISL Points Table 2023-24

The ISL 2023-24 edition marks the tenth season of the Indian Super League (ISL). And, ISL 2023-24 points table is expected to witness lots of movement throughout the tournament. Leading the pack are the defending champions, Mohun Bagan Super Giant, and ISL Shield winners Mumbai City FC, alongside FC Goa and Kerala Blasters FC. The remaining eight teams are actively competing for a playoff spot as the fixtures continue to come thick and fast.

Click here to view the full list of matches on the ISL fixtures.

ISL Points Table 2023-24 Rules

There are certain ISL Points Table 2023-24 rules that fans might not be aware of. The primary objective for ISL teams during the league stages is to secure a position among the top six in the ISL points table to qualify for the playoffs, while the others face elimination for the season. However, there are specific rules that determine the ranking of teams in the ISL Points Table. Here are the regulations:

  1. A team gets 3 points for a win
  2. Both teams get 1 point for a draw
  3. A team earns no points for a loss

If two or more teams end up on the same number of points, they are separated by the following criteria (next criteria is chosen if the previous one cannot separate the concerned teams)

  1. The team with more points in matches between the concerned clubs in the league stage stays higher (head-to-head record)
  2. The team with a better goal difference in matches between the concerned clubs in the league stage stays higher
  3. The team with more goals in matches between the concerned clubs in the league stage stays higher
  4. The team with a better goal difference in the league stage stays higher
  5. The team with more goals in the league stage stays higher
  6. Lowest number of red cards accumulated
  7. Lowest number of yellow cards accumulated
  8. Lots are drawn by the league

3:- Team Standings and Mid-Season Analysis As the league progressed, the ISL Points Table evolved to reflect the changing dynamics of team performances. Midway through the season, certain teams emerged as front-runners, while others sought to climb the ranks. The points table served as a valuable tool for fans and analysts, offering insights into the league’s competitive landscape and setting the stage for intriguing matchups in the latter stages of the ISL 2022-23.

4:- Playoff Scenarios Unveiled With the culmination of the league stage, the ISL Points Table took center stage in shaping the playoff scenarios. Teams that secured top positions earned the right to compete in the knockout rounds, intensifying the battle for the championship. The points table served as a guide, outlining the matchups and providing fans with a clear picture of the teams vying for ISL glory. As the playoff drama unfolded, the points table remained an ever-present companion for enthusiasts.

5:- Points Table 2022-23: Real-Time Updates For fans seeking the latest information, the “ISL Points Table 2022-23” section became a go-to resource. Providing real-time updates on team standings, goal differences, and recent match outcomes, this segment allowed enthusiasts to stay informed about the latest developments in the ISL. Whether checking for their favorite team’s position or understanding the implications of ongoing matches, this dynamic component of the points table kept fans engaged and connected to the football frenzy.

6:- Transitioning to the 2023 Phase As the ISL 2022-23 transitioned into the new year, the points table continued to be a key reference point for fans eager to witness the unfolding drama. The league’s structure and competitiveness maintained a high standard, ensuring that every match had a significant impact on the standings. The ISL Points Table 2022-23 thus became a crucial navigational tool for enthusiasts navigating the exciting football journey from 2022 to 2023.


The ISL 2022-23 Points Table emerged as an indispensable companion for football enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly overview of team standings, goal differences, and the playoff landscape. From the kickoff to the playoff stages, the points table served as a dynamic narrative thread, weaving together the stories of triumphs, challenges, and memorable moments in the ISL. As the quest for the championship continued, the points table remained an essential tool, enriching the overall experience of one of India’s premier football leagues.

Five FAQs Related to ISL 2022-23 Points Table

1. How does the ISL Points Table handle tiebreakers between teams with the same number of points?

In case of a tie on points, the ISL Points Table uses goal difference as a tiebreaker. Goal difference is calculated by subtracting the total goals conceded from the total goals scored. This ensures a fair and decisive way to determine team standings.

2. What role does goal difference play in team standings, and why is it significant?

Goal difference is a crucial factor in team standings as it serves as a tiebreaker and influences the rankings of teams with the same number of points. It reflects the overall effectiveness of a team in scoring goals and preventing goals, providing a more nuanced view of their performance than just points alone.

3. How often is the ISL Points Table updated during the ongoing season?

The ISL Points Table is updated regularly to provide real-time information to fans. As matches are played and outcomes are determined, the points table is adjusted to reflect the latest standings, goal differences, and other relevant statistics.

4. Can fans find historical data or trends in the ISL Points Table?

While the focus is on the current season, historical data and trends from previous seasons may also be available in discussions or separate sections. This can help fans analyze the performance of teams across different years, track their progress, and observe patterns in the ISL.

5. How can fans stay updated with the latest information on the ISL Points Table in real-time?

Fans can stay updated with the latest information on the ISL Points Table through dedicated sections or updates on official websites, sports news platforms, and social media channels. Real-time updates include team standings, goal differences, and other relevant statistics to keep enthusiasts informed throughout the season.

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